Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beijing Olympics.... squezz the art of out it

Beijing Olympics this year consists years of work by millions of people spending billion..... alot of world's top artist gave their part of the effort too. along with Olympics 2008 many world famous architecture and sculpture emerged such as the new national stadium or the bird nest by Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron.

the topic of this olympic is "one world, one dream"
for creative artist this is a great opportunity for creativity.
some works were shown in the

Art Biennale China 2008

some great works, and very inspirational.

what is more important? Liberty or impression?

protests are happening in Tibet and earthquake left thousands homeless but sadly to the Chinese government those things are not as important as to impress the world on the 08/08/08. Olympics is really just an opportunity to show off china's money making achievement.

the interest thing when i was in china this holiday was, the news and media did not say much at all about Tibet actually i didnt even see once. in contrast every five minute there was something Olympic related

it is a great topic to compose a piece myself, since i am chinese and it is after a really big thing. i was in china this summer when the preparations of Olympics was intense, some hard time came with that.

the most inspiration

Monday, August 18, 2008

we are love voilence, don't worry, no one is calling you sick

we enjoy the shooting of big guns in action movies, we enjoy when two stranger turn argument into a fist fight and we enjoy wrestling....

should we be ashamed because who we really are are not someone so loving caring? is it wrong with us because we like violence so much??

the question is.... why?
after my own research and analysis, i conclude that we are always seeking some sort of amusement, ultimately to achieve short term happiness. and our very intellegent entertainers have feagured out this thousands of years ago already. think about to the romans, how much people enjoyed gladiator fights? its the same today, with all the movie we watch. game we play. music we listen to, alot of it is about how to hurt someone or blow up something.

from that idea, i composed a series of two cutout style painting on canvas, both portraits and both very well know star, entertainers or to some heroes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

find out more about BANSKY

This a the official Bansky website
lots of interesting things about bansky , his work and the storied behind.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bansky..... let the stencils do the talking

Bansky is a English urban stencil artist.
he is probably the most well known artist in London, thousand of people visit his gallerys everyday
on there way to school, work ect....
Banksky takes the art out of canvases and show rooms, he takes his art on to the streets.....

i see Bansky's work as a mirror of the society, he reflects the political issues through his work, and sometime just making mockeries of people in power.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

finalized first piece

in the end i decided to do an Andy Warhol styled stencil, a series of four small canvases
with stencil of my face in different expression representing different experience at different periods of my life. each piece have a different background representing the different culture i have encountered in my life....


stencil is one of my favorite style of art, dont have any particular reason but stenciling just catches my attention. i simply just love it.

for my first piece i chose stencil to be the media i want to work with... here are some picture of the process!